How to Add More Options to the Power Off Slider in iOS?

If you need to reboot or respring your device, there’s no direct way to do. When you click and hold on the power button of your iPhone, iPad, there’s only option that is to power off your device, then again power the device back on manually. Whereas, in the case of Android devices, you can […]

LocalIAPStore – Get Paid In-App Purchases for Free in iOS 9

LocalIAPStore is an amazing iOS tweak that enables users to purchase in-app for free of cost. This tweak is available for jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. basically, what this app does is that it sends a fake receipt to Apple, that simulates that as if the in-app purchase is made. Then it will redirect […]

How to Fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error Instantly

Many of the users reported that when they try to download a Cydia tweak, app or try to add a repo to their Cydia app, they encounter the size mismatch error. This error has made their Cydia app unusable. First off, let me tell you what the size mismatch error means. The error name tells it all. […]

Install AppSync Unified on iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad

The majority of the jailbroken iPhone/iPad users have AppSync Unified Cydia tweak installed on their device. If you need to install iOS apps by downloading IPA files, you need to have AppSync Unified on your device. If you are willing to install apps on your device that are not on official App Store, you need to […]

5 Top Free IPA Download Sites for Installing Free iOS Apps

Most of the people think twice before opting an iOS device because of the lack of free apps on devices like iPhone/iPad and on the app store. But the fact is that almost every app on the AppStore is available for free download on some IPA download sites, that are easily accessible. These sites provide you […]

How to Download Retroarch for iOS 9 Devices with No Jailbreak

In this post, I will show you how to download Retroarch gaming emulator for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPods. In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has made strict restrictions on support for 3rd party gaming emulators support on its devices. In many versions of iOS 9, GBA4iOS, PSX, N64, and other emulators […]

Top 3 Ways to Block Numbers on iPhone

In this post, I’m presenting you the best ways to block calls and messages from selected contacts on iPhone. You may also want to block calls from selected numbers you don’t like to talk with. Even if you activate do not disturb with your carrier providers, some telemarketers still may call you message you repeatedly. […]

How to Download iFile for iOS 9 with No Jailbreak

The main drawback of iOS devices is their lack of file manager apps. You can’t just manage files inside your iOS device. One of such apps that enable you to manage files in your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is iFile. iFile works on your device, even if it’s not jailbroken or do not have Cydia […]

How to Download and Install AppCake Repo from Cydia?

AppCake is one of the best installous alternative apps for jailbroken iOS devices. In this post, I will show you how to download AppCake repo and install the app on your device. This app lets you install cracked free apps on your device. The newest version of AppCake is revamped fully and is great when it comes to […]

How to Download and Install iPAWiND for iOS 9 without Jailbreak

This post is about downloading iPAWiND for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without even jailbreaking your device. iPAWiND enables you to sign apps, which enables you to use duplicate apps on your iOS device. For example, you can handle up to 10 WhatsApp accounts by duplicating the app. You can do the same duplications […]