How to Add More Options to the Power Off Slider in iOS?

Powertap photo

If you need to reboot or respring your device, there’s no direct way to do. When you click and hold on the power button of your iPhone, iPad, there’s only option that is to power off your device, then again power the device back on manually.

Whereas, in the case of Android devices, you can easily restart your device, or soft reboot and safe mode your device with some apps. But that’s not the case in iOS devices.

You need to have a jail-broken iOS device, to add more options to your power menu. In this post, I’m gonna explain you how to add more options in your power menu.

How to add more options in iOS power menu?

Open the Cydia app on your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

You need to install a tweak called – “Powertap” that’s in the BigBoss repo of your Cydia app.

Powertap Cydia

As you can notice in the screenshot, I’ve opened the “Powertap”.┬áNow just install the tweak, and respring your device.


Now as your device restart, just open the settings app, there you can find “Powertap” entry for settings. you have the options to toggle the various options like power off, respring, safe mode, and restart.

How to Add More Options to the Power Off Slider in iOS?
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