Top 7 Best Cydia Winterboard Themes for iOS 9 and 10

Best Winterboard themes

If you are disappointed that iOS does not support themes then it may be time for you to jailbreak and try some of the best Winterboard themes on Cydia.

In order to make use of this tutorial, you need to have an iOS device that’s jailbroken. Once you have jailbreaked and installed Cydia on your device, you can proceed with the tutorial.

All the themes I mention come with around 300+ icons. They goive you aesthetic and clean look for your iOS device.

There are already a good number of themes compatible with iOS 9. Some of them are free and some are paid.

Installing Winterboard

Once you have Cydia on your device, just open up the app and search for Winterboard and install the app. After the installation is complete, Cydia will ask you to reboot your device.

After the device is rebooted, you can notice the Winter board in the settings app.

Now you are ready to install some good themes, that I’m going to present you in this post.

Now you need to install the themes from Cydia app. Once the themes are installed, they are automatically detected by the Winterboard tweak and listed under it. From there on you can access the themes from within the Winterboard section of your settings app.

You can install as many themes as possible, but can only use one theme at a time.

7 Best Winterboard themes

#1 Ace El Cap theme

This tweak gives you the OS El Capitan Mac icons style in your iOS device.

 Ace El cap

This plugin costs you $1.99.

This tweak is available for you in MacCiti repo –

#2 Obscure 7 theme

This theme gives you a minimalistic black and white look for your iOS device. The darker version looks stealthy, especially in black color iPhones.

Obscure 7

When you purchase this theme, you’ll also get the inverted version of the theme for free.

It costs you $0.99.

#3. Muze 2 theme

It comes with icon only home screen. The icons are really great and colorful.

Muze 2

It is available in MacCiti repo for $2.49.

#4. Insight theme

This theme gives you a minimalistic and artistic look for the icons on your home screen.


This is available for free from ModMyi repo for Cydia.

#5. Glyphs theme

This is the most minimalistic theme. Icons are white. They stand out of the dark background of your iOS device. This theme is surely worth giving a try.


This theme is available in CJ repo –

#6. Primo Ombra theme

This theme gives you a funky look for your iOS device.

Primo Ombra

#7. Amury theme

Theme with elegant icons.


It is available for $3.9 in Cydia repo.

These are some of the most beautiful top Winterboard themes for your iOS device. At last, it entirely depends upon your taste. I’ve tried to cover the best Cydia themes ranging across different likes.

The above themes I mentioned are all tested on iOS 9 and are fully compatible.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Top 7 Best Cydia Winterboard Themes for iOS 9 and 10
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