Top 3 Ways to Block Numbers on iPhone

Block numbers

In this post, I’m presenting you the best ways to block calls and messages from selected contacts on iPhone.

You may also want to block calls from selected numbers you don’t like to talk with. Even if you activate do not disturb with your carrier providers, some telemarketers still may call you message you repeatedly.

That’s where blocking numbers right from your device comes to play. Blocking a number also blocks messages, calls and also facetime messages and calls from reaching your device.

This is only possible for iPhones running iOS 7 and newer versions. For older versions you may need to make use of other apps on the App store.

For newer versions of iOS like iOS 9 there is an inbuilt feature, and Cydia apps to block numbers with various features.

Blocking numbers with inbuilt feature

For blocking calls from a number you need to head over to  contact or a number, go to details of the number. There’ll be an option saying, “Block this caller”. Then you need to confirm the same.

Block caller

With this, all the calls from that caller will be blocked, and you appear busy for them.

For blocking messages you need to enable do not disturb feature of messages. This does not create a notification for the messages you receive from that message sender. The message will still be delivered to you, but without disturbing you. You can view it at any time in the inbox if you require.

Do not disturb messages

Using Cydia apps

There are numerous apps in Cydia that enable you to block numbers from messaging or calling you.

One of such apps is iBlacklist. This app is available in default BigBoss repo for free of cost. But you’ve to register later after the evaluation period. The app is updated and made sure to be compatible with latest iOS versions. It is also compatible with latest iOS 9 versions.

Black list Cydia app

You can block class, messages, Facetime from the contacts or numbers you block in this app.

There are two modes in which you can use the app. One is classic mode and the other is profile mode. In profile mode, you can create multiple profiles for you to easily switch between them when needed.


There are also various options for to disable alert or vibration. You also can set the app to delete the messages right away after it is blocked.

You can restrict the calls based on the number of digits. If the number has less than certain digits you can block the call. Be extra cautious before using this, because it may block one-time validation calls in online security.

There are dozens of features to play with.

You can also set the password to prevent others from altering your list.

You can make use of Truecaller. It’s especially helpful in figuring out unknown callers. It also helps in automatically blocking spam numbers from messaging or calling you, based on other Truecaller users who have reported or spammed them.

Top 3 Ways to Block Numbers on iPhone
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