Charge your iPhone Faster with these Powerful Tips

Charge iPhone faster

iPhones are good at draining battery life, but not at charging faster. In spite of the lightning chargers provided by Apple, iPhones won’t charge faster. Some of them even resort charging their iPhones overnight.

Apple is putting on their efforts to make the charging quick in their upcoming iPhone devices.


In this post, I’m gonna present you some of the most powerful tips to charge your iPhone faster. Here are the tips.

Avoid using laptop or PC for charging

While we sit in front of our laptop or PC, it’s the habit of us to plug the iPhone via USB cable, hoping the iPhone to charge faster. It takes forever to charge the device using this.

The fact is that USB provides 5V 100mA to your iPhone. Whereas, dedicated wall mounted lightning charger for iPhone provides 5V 500mA power to your iPhone and is designed to charge your device faster.

So, I highly advise you to plug-in the wall socket for charging your iPhone. Use the original adapter provided to you by Apple.

Put your iPhone to airplane mode

In times, when you don’t have important calls, it’s highly advisable to put your iPhone to airplane mode while charging.

iPhone is one of the few devices, which drains a lot of battery when connected to your service provider. Depending upon the strength of the signal, it may drain the battery even faster.

It is proved that putting your iPhone to airplane mode before charging, speeds up the charging process by at least 1.5 times.

Put your iPhone to low power mode

If you are running on iOS 9, there’s no problem. You have the option of low-power mode on it. If you are running on iOS8 or below versions, refer this tutorial on enabling low power mode on older iOS versions.

What low-power mode does is, it turns off unnecessary processes, turns off background refresh, syncs, and others to improve the battery life. It is made to activate in low battery conditions.

Fortunately, you can activate this, manually whenever you want.

Just head over to Settings > battery and there you are.

Low power mode in settings


Just activate this option, before charging your iPhone. This makes sure that your device charges faster.

Disable background app refresh

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Turn it off.

Background app refresh

It turns off unnecessary background refreshes that app triggers, especially when the iPhone is connected to power source.

For example, in newer iPhones “Hey Siri” option will be automatically activated when the iPhone is connected to power source. It slows down the rate at which battery is charged.

Turning off this option not only charges your device faster but also drains your battery slower.

Use iPad charger

If you have iPad along with your iPhone, you could use the iPad charger to charge your iPhone. It charges your iPhone faster by at least 2 times.

Note that, iPad chargers are only recommended for use in newer iPhone models. But not for older 3GS, 4, 4s and 5 models.

However, I now recommend using iPad chargers to charge newer iPhones like 6, 6 plus, 6s and above.

Don’t use the iPhone while charging

Using your iPhone while charging slows down your charging and moreover, it heats up your device. The main problem is that of the power-hungry display.

If you are in a hurry to charge your iPhnoe, using it while charging slows down the process.

If possible, switching off your device charges battery even faster.


All the tips that you follow to save your battery life is also applicable in charging your device faster.

Try to disable the services, that automatically get triggered when the device is connected the power socket.

I hope this guide will help you to charge your iPhone faster on the go.

Charge your iPhone Faster with these Powerful Tips
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