Double iPhone Battery Life using these Cydia Tweaks

Cydia battery tweaks

iPhone drains you out of power very quickly when used frequently with power hungry applications. The older device’s battery like iPhone 4s doesn’t even last a single day without charging.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some great Cydia tweaks that help you save battery life of your iPhone.

The tweaks I’m gonna mention here are applicable for all the iPhone devices that are released after iPhone 4s, including 4s itself. All the tweaks are compatible with iOS 7, iOS8 and also iOS9.

BattSaver (iOS 7,8,9)

This app is available in BigBoss repo. It claims to double your battery life. It recently added iOS 9 support, which is a good news. It has various battery saving strategies like iMessage friendly, aggressive, ultimate, normal and, of course, you can customize the plan.

Battery saving strategies

For devices with bigger screens like 6 plus, 6s plus, it has custom features to prevent battery drain due to larger displays.

It install itself as an app on your device, which you could open to display settings page.

BattSaver settings


As you use your device with this app installed, it tracks your battery activity and presents you various statistics.

This app is currently paid app on BigBoss repo.

You can also try BatteryDoctorPro.

Kill background apps all at once

For this, there are several tweaks like GrabKiller, SwitchSpring, and  Kill Background 8. These tweaks work perfectly fine for iOS 8, and 7 devices.

For iOS 9 devices, there is a simple tweak called “Tage”. It includes features like the quick switcher, lock device by gestures, switcher page action and all. And it also comes in with feature to kill all the background switcher apps at once by making use of gestures. This app is from BigBoss repo.

You could also make use CCsettings. It is the best up to date app that has great features.

CCsettings clear background apps

Under CCsettings, you can add “Kill Background” to the control center. It helps you to easily kill the background apps within the control center by swiping up. It’s perfectly suitable for iOS 9.

Kill background apps


Schedule the airplane mode

One common complaint among iPhone users is that they are experiencing rapid battery drain at night. This problem can be resolved with some Cydia tweaks that let you schedule airplane mode. You can schedule airplane mode to automatically activate at night, and reactivate in the morning.

In case of Android, there are apps like Tasker, or individual apps to automate the process. But in case of iOS Cydia tweak is needed to save some battery using this technique.

There are tweaks like Airplane Scheduler and iSleepwell on Cydia that lets you schedule the time your cell radios go off.

Along with saving battery, you also protect your health to some extent, by avoiding cell phone radiations disturbing your night sleep.

Enable iOS 9 low power mode on iOS 8, 7

For this, you need to add as a source in your Cydia app.

Now after the source is added. Just search for “Power saver mode”. Install the tweak and respring the device.

After that, head over to battery usage under settings. You can see the power saving mode toggle added to your settings page. Now you need to just switch it on to enable low power mode on older iOS versions.

This mode helps a lot in keeping your iPhone switched on for a long time when you’re running out of juice.

Turn off live clock

Another thing that drains your iPhone battery a little is the feature of live clock. You may have noticed that when you are in the home screen, the clock icon is live, and shows you real time.

If you want to turn it off, there’s a free tweak called “NoLiveClock” in BigBoss repo. It has been also updated to iOS 9.

Along with saving the battery life, it also aims at reducing CPU usage. if your old iPhone devices are running laggy, better install this tweak.

Double iPhone Battery Life using these Cydia Tweaks
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