Best Free Cydia Tweaks for Camera App Tested on iOS 9

Best Cydia camera tweaks

There are a lot of Cydia tweaks for iPhone, to enhance the functionality of the stock camera app. But some of them are incompatible for iOS 9.

One of the strengths of iPhone is its camera. The cameras of all the iPhones are top-notch, both in hardware and quality-wise. Right features are necessary to make the most of it.

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS 9 and are looking for some of the best Camera Tweaks for your device, you are on the right place. In this post, I’ll present you all the useful Camera tweaks for your iOS 9 device.


Repo: BigBoss (free)

This is one of the great Cydia camera tweaks, that is inspired by the front flash feature in 6 and 6s. Basically, what this tweak gonna do is that it turns the screen to maximum brightness when a photo is being taken from the front camera.

It adds an option to turn on or off the flash option for front camera also.

Below is the preview of the front camera when the tweak is installed.

Front flash


There is also a settings section for this tweak.

Frontflash settings

It allows you enable or disable the feature. it also lets you select the color the screen turns when flash is triggered. You can select custom colors if you want.


Repo: BigBoss (free)

You may have noticed that, when taking selfies, iPhone previews the mirrored image. When saved, it turns out to be original. The saved photo will be flipped than that of the previewed image. You want to later flip it.

In order to overcome it, you can force your camera app to preview original image when taking selfies.

Front camera unmirror photos

With this, you get the exact image that you saw in your preview. You can toggle between the mirrored and unmirrored modes by just clicking.

In settings, there is an option to enable or disable the feature.


Repo: BigBoss (free)

By default, in order to switch between the front and back cameras, you need to hit the button at the top-right corner of the screen.

This tweak enables you to switch between the two cameras by merely double tapping the camera preview.

It is a handy tweak to quickly switch between the cameras.

Just install the tweak and respring the device. You are ready.

In settings, you can enable or disable the tweak.

Record ‘n’ torch

Repo: BigBoss (free)

By default Camera app, does not enable you to switch on the torch, when in the middle of video recording. You need to decide whether to switch on flash before the recording will be started.

This tweak enables you to turn on the torch when recording.

Switch on torch when recording

This comes handy when you are shooting continuous video both in light and dark places.

You can enable or disable the tweak in settings.


Repo: BigBoss (free)

I don’t know why Apple did not include this feature. In default Camera app, there’s no option you to pause the recording in the middle.

No worries.

A tweak called RecordPause, brings in the pause button for video recording.

Recording pause

You can drag the button anywhere on the screen.

There are settings to play with like show preview, draggable pause button and larger tap area.

 RecordPause settings



Although there are dozens of awesome tweaks for previous versions of iOS, these are the best camera tweaks now for iOS 9.

I would strongly recommend you Camera + app, to get the power camera features on your iPhone.

There are some of the best Camera tweaks for iOS 9. I have personally installed all these tweaks on my iPhone running on iOS 9.

I hope I provided the valuable information to help you decide install the tweaks.

If you’ve any doubts feel free to comment.

Best Free Cydia Tweaks for Camera App Tested on iOS 9
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