Download AirShou [No Jailbreak] – The Best Screen Recording App for iOS


Download AirShouAirShou is one of the best screen recorder apps for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. There’s a shortage of good screen recorder apps for iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices, but with AirShou it’s now easy to record the screen of your iOS device. If you are looking forward to record the screen or the gameplay on your device, AirShou is the best app for you.

The fact is that the AirShou app can be run on your iOS device even without jailbreak. That’s the main advantage of this screen recording app over other apps over there. This app is built so light-weight, even with dozens of features to is only 14MB on your device. It can record high resolution with high FPS without any lagging. These are the two best advantages of this screen recording app.

How to Download and Install AirShou?

For download and installing AirShou on your iOS device, first off you need to head over to the Safari browser on your iOS device. There head over to

When you are in the iEmulators page, there head over to the apps section. You need to scroll down to find the app – AirShou. Open the app page, go to download page and hit the install button. The iOS device will ask you to install the app via pop up. Just hit install.

The app will be downloaded in the background, you can see it on the home screen of your device. It may take some time to download and install the app.

Once the app is installed, when you try to open it, the iOS will warn you that the app developer is not trusted. Now, it’s your job to trust the developer of this app. For doing it, you need to head over to Settings > General >Profiles and trust the developer of AirShou.

Trust AirShou

Once you trust the developer you’ll now be able the open the app.

To sum up the process, here is how you download the AirShou app on your device.

  • Go to
  • Browse for AirShou
  • Install the app on your device
  • Go to settings, general and profiles and trust the developer of the AirShou
  • Now open the app.


AirShou app

As you can see there are two main features of the app – broadcast and screen recording. For broadcasting the screen video, you need to have an account with

The main option here is the screen recording feature. There are many options like recording orientation, resolution of the recording, etc.


In the next step, in order to start the recording of your screen, you need to make use of AirPlay feature on your iOS device.

Go to AirPlay, and connect to AirShou. There enable the option for screen mirroring. As soon as you return back to the app, the screen recording will be started.

AirPlay AirShou

If the recording resolution is set to 1080p, it may take a large amount of space on your device especially yours is a 16GB device. So I would recommend you to set screen recording resolution to 720p especially if you are looking to use the recorded video on the web or uploading to YouTube.

This is how you record the screen on your iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices with the help of AirShou app.

Download AirShou [No Jailbreak] – The Best Screen Recording App for iOS
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