How to Download Cydia iAP Cracker to Get Free In-app Purchases

iAP cracker

There are many apps to download in the app store. But the downside is that the majority of the apps are either paid or free and has in-app purchases to be made to access the features of the app.

People jailbreak their iOS devices, to enable to install cracked apps on their device. Realizing this, many app developers are now offering the app for free, and in order to use the app you need to make in-app purchase. By this even if the app is distributed as an IPA file, users can’t use the app freely, unless he/she makes the purchase inside the app.

This post will help you to enable you to make in-app purchases for free on iOS apps. This can be made possible with the iAP cracker app that’s available as Cydia tweak and is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8 and all the latest versions of iOS 9, that are jailbroken.

This Cydia tweak enables you to freely bypass the in-app purchase payment gateway, and enables to unlock all the pro features for free.


In order for the iAP cracker to work, you need to first jailbreak your device. Without jailbreak, you can’t install iAP cracker or any other Cydia tweak that enables to bypass the in-app purchases on your iOS device.

After jailbreaking your device, you need to install AppSync Unified tweak on your iOS device. With this, you can install third party applications on your device without authentication signature.

Install iAP cracker

After jailbreaking your device, you now have official Cydia app installed on your device.

Now you need add a repo –¬† to your Cydia app. For this just click on the sources section at the bottom of your Cydia app.There at the top-right click “Edit” button. Now at the top-left click add and enter the URL mentioned above and add source. Wait for the URL to be verified and repo to be added.

Once the HackYouriPhone repo is added, it’s now your time to download iAP cracker from Cydia.

Now go to Cydia app and search for iAP cracker in the search bar.

Now, just download and install the iAP cracker app. Now you need to restart your springboard or reboot your device. Once you did it, you will now be able to make free in app purchases, the simulating fake purchase receipt.

How to Download Cydia iAP Cracker to Get Free In-app Purchases
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