Download iTransmission Torrent App for iOS 9 Without Jailbreak

It is a less-known secret that iOS devices can download torrent files. You can do this by downloading iTransmission app for iPhone/iPad. iTransmission is currently the best torrent downloading app available for iOS devices. Although there are many other apps for downloading torrent files, no app is as stable as iTransmission app in terms of downloading the torrents, and moreover many of them require your device to be jailbroken.

As far as I know, iTransmission is the only torrent download app that’s good and available without jailbreaking your device.

Some of the times you may have accidentally updated your iOS device to a recent iOS version for which jailbreak may not be available. Understanding this situation, iTransmission app developers have made it easy to download iTransmission app without jailbreak on your device. The iTransmission download works seamlessly on all the iOS versions like – iOS 7, iOS 8, and all the versions of iOS 9.

Without any doubt, iTransmission download for iOS 10 will also be available.

In this post, I’ll guide you how to download iTransmission app for your iOS devices like iPhone/iPad or even iPod which is not jailbroken.

Downloading iTransmission app

In order for you to download iTransmission app, you need to open your Safari browser. There you need to head over to the official URL of iEmulator –

Now go to the “apps” section in the page.

When you scroll down, there you’ll come across the iTransmission app.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the iTransmission app is listed.

Now, you need to click on the app. The following screen will pop up.


iTransmission install

Now hit the install button.

Now the app will be downloaded in the background. You can see the download progress by going back to the home screen of your device.

Wait for the download to complete.

Once the download is complete, you can launch the app, and you can easily search and download torrent files on your device.

In case if the app do not get opened, you can trick the app by changing the date on your device. Just change the date to the previous year. You are good to go.

For jailbroken devices

For jailbroken devices, the process of downloading iTransmission app is way too easy.

You just need to open the Cydia app. There search for the app iTransmission. Install the app. Now, you need to respring your iOS device. Once your iOS device completes restarting, you can notice the iTransmission app in the home screen. You just need to open the app and start downloading the torrent files. No date trick is required.

This is how you download iTransmission app on your device.

Download iTransmission Torrent App for iOS 9 Without Jailbreak
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