Download OpenAppMkt – Cydia and App Store Alternative

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The OpenAppMkt is a HTML5 based app directory for iOS devices, alternative to App Store and Cydia. It works seamlessly with iOS6 and other newer versions. So if you are reluctant to Jailbreak your device and is bored with the limited functionality of the official app store apps, OpenAppMkt may be the perfect Cydia alternative for you guys.

By installing OpenAppMkt on your device, you won’t void the warranty of your device by jailbreaking your device. Because, with OpenAppMkt you don’t jailbreak your device. Some of my friends, think twice before jailbreaking their device. I recommend them installing OpenAppMkt app.

In this post, I will help you download OpenAppMkt on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod, running on iOS versions iOS 6 – 9. Hope you love this tutorial.

Download and Install OpenAppMkt

Previously two years ago, you needed to download and install OpenAppMkt installer to your iOS device like iPhone or iPad. But now, hopefully, you just need to go to There you can access the browser version of the app store. You just can select the app you are interested to download and install.

Download OpenAppMkt


Now the good news is that you can also download the Cydia app with limited functionality.

Now, I will browse for the game, Flappy Bird.


Now just install, “Get it”. THe app will start downloading in the background. YOu can go to homescreen of your device, and app will finish downloading and install.

By this, you can install the apps on the OpenAppMkt. Hope you loved the tutorial on how to use or download OpenAppMkt.

Download OpenAppMkt – Cydia and App Store Alternative
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