How to Find Size of Photos and Videos on iPhone?

Szie of phtos and videos on iPhone

iOS has made it difficult to determine the size of the photos in your iPhone photos app. This is one of the major drawback of iOS. While sending the images or videos by mail, WhatsApp or sharing it, it may be essential to know the size. But iPhone do not let you know the size.

In order to know the size of the photo, there are apps like Photo Investigator, and other EXIF data viewers.

But in this tutorial I’m gonna explain you how you can add photo and even video size feature directly in to your inbuilt “Photos” app.

For this you need to have a jailbroken IPhone with Cydia installed in it.

How to display the size?

Head over to the Cydia app on your device. There you have to search for the tweak PhotoSize, that’s present in the inbuilt BigBoss repo of your Cydia app.

Photosize tweak

Install the tweak.

After the installing the tweak, the Cydia app wil ask you to restart the SpringBoard or respring your device manually.

After your device is again booted up. Your iPhone is now ready.

Now when you go to settings, you have a new entry called “Photosize”. There is only one option either to nalbe or disable the app.

Photsize settings


To see the tweak in action, head over to the “Photos” app, go to any album. There click on Select. Now select one or multiple images.

You will see the size of the image/images in the titlebar of the app.

Size of image photos app

This will be a very handy feature. If you running out of space on your iPhone, you determine the size of the images, and delete the photos that occupy more space on your device.

Another great news is that although the tweak is titled “Photosize”, it also views the size of the selected videos on your “photos” app. In simple terms, it is the size feature adder for the “Photos’ app.

Size of video


Hope I helped in your process of determining the size of images and videos on your iPhone.

Make sure to use the feature to determine the size and as well as while freeing up the space on your device, when running out of memory.

When sending any photo or video, just select the items, determine the size and share to the mail app or others. I found this tweak myself very useful. I hardly can imagine my “Photos” app without this option.

How to Find Size of Photos and Videos on iPhone?
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