How to Fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error Instantly

Cydia size mismatch error

Many of the users reported that when they try to download a Cydia tweak, app or try to add a repo to their Cydia app, they encounter the size mismatch error. This error has made their Cydia app unusable.

First off, let me tell you what the size mismatch error means. The error name tells it all. Whenever you try to download a Cydia app or tweak, whose download size does not match the size of the tweak mentioned in the description, this error shows up. When the size is mismatched it may be a meaning that the file may be altered or tweaked. So for security reasons, the Cydia app throws out “Size mismatch error”.

You are here to know the solution to get rid of this error. Let me tell you how to fix it. Whatever device you are running on, whether it’s iPhone, iPad or iPod, this solution should work.

Solution 1:

Here’s the solution that most likely going to fix the size mismatch error

  • Turn off your WiFi or cell data connection on your device.
  • Now head over to Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration.
  • Here select the configuration type to IPSec.

Fill in the fields with the below configuration or as shown in the screenshot.

VPN settings

Description – Cydia
Server –
Account – j8adhk
Password – j8adhk
Use Certificate – No
Group Name – hss
Secret – hss

Set the proxy to off or leave it as default.

Now hit done.

Now turn on the WiFi again. Now you are accessing the internet with VPN activated. The VPN is of US.

Now head over back to Cydia. The error is gone, and you should be able to download any Cydia app or tweak without the size mismatch error.

If this VPN does not work for any reason, then feel free to try any other free VPNs by searching on the internet.

Solution 2:

If the error is associated with any single repo, try looking for the app or tweak in a different repo.You can also try reinstalling the repo to your Cydia app.

Just head over to sources section in your Cydia app. Swipe left and hit delete. Now go to installs, and add the same repo again entering the repo URL. Let your all sources to refresh. The size mismatch error should be gone.

By this reinstalling the repo in your Cydia app works well in case if a particular repo is giving the error.

Most of the times, the BigBoss repo is the one that encounters this error.


These methods should solve the problem of Cydia size mismatch error. Thank you.

How to Fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error Instantly
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