5 Top Free IPA Download Sites for Installing Free iOS Apps


Most of the people think twice before opting an iOS device because of the lack of free apps on devices like iPhone/iPad and on the app store.

But the fact is that almost every app on the AppStore is available for free download on some IPA download sites, that are easily accessible. These sites provide you IPA files of the latest versions of the apps. However, I do not recommend you to install sensitive applications like keyboards, clipboard managers, that have the permission to access your data on these free IPA sites.

Many of the apps that are free on Android are paid in iOS. If you are new to iOS, you may find yourself hard to adjust to the premium environment. The apps you were previously using are now paid on iOS.

If you are low on budget and badly require to try any one of the premium apps for free, these IPA download sites may help a lot for you.

Here you go.




This is perhaps the most popular cracked apps store for iOS and Mac. It has got a huge database of all the paid and free apps for Apple devices, both for Mac and iOS that are updated regularly.

You can also select the genre of the app, and also books are also available for free.

Download appaddict

When you go inside the app page, you need to just hit the blue download now button to start downloading the IPA file to your device or PC.

The IPA file of the app will be downloaded to your device without any survey or hassles.

You then need to make use of software like iFunBox to install it on your iOS device.




This is also a good IPA download site for downloading free iOS apps.

Along with the free iOS apps, the free Android apps are also available on this site. Nevertheless, this site is known for iPhone and iPad free apps IPA files for download.

Before download any IPA file, you need to log into the site through Facebook or after registering yourself on the site. Once you log in with your password, you are free to download IPA files for your device.

vShare web


vShare app

This is the web version of the vShare app available for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

The app allows you to both download and install the paid apps on your iOS device natively.

Whereas the web version only allows you download the hosted free IPA files for download and it’s your job to install the apps. This store has the most updated apps available.

iPhone Cake


iPhone cake

Similar to that of vShare this is also available in Cydia as AppCake repo. However, you can access the web version of this app store on your PC or device and download the IPA files and install it manually on your iPhone or iPad.

Along with the iOS apps, the apps for Mac are also available.

You need to select from one of the cloud file download providers in the list, to download the app in IPA format.

iPhone Mob


iPhone mob

This site contains free ringtones, games, wallpapers along with the free IPA files for iOS apps.

You need to select the device on which you are running, for the site to display all the compatible apps for your iOS device.

You can also search for your desired app using the search bar option on the site.

I think that the sites I’ve mentioned for downloading IPA files helped you a lot. Although there are other dozens of sites, the ones that I’ve mentioned are the ones that are used for IPA downloads.

5 Top Free IPA Download Sites for Installing Free iOS Apps
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