How to get Low Power Mode of iOS 9 on iOS 8

Low battery mode

I noticed that many of the iOS users are willing to stay in iOS 8, due to Cydia apps compatibility problem with iOS 9. Or you may have older iPhone devices which may not run smooth on iOS 9.

Whatever the reason maybe. One of the best features of iOS 9 is its feature called “lower power mode”. This mode is activated when the battery power goes down. What this mode do is, it shuts down all the background activities of apps, and relieve stress on CPU, making the battery last longer.

Many of the iPhone 4s and 5s users are tired of low battery life on iOS 8, and are upgrading to iOS 9 to get this functionality.

But wait. There’s a simple way to get “low power mode” feature on iOS 8 if your device is jailbroken with Cydia installed.

Get low power mode on iOS 8

Just head over to Cydia app. Just open ‘sources’ section. There click on edit option. Then add source. Here enter the URL – “”. And hit “Add source”.

Add source

Now search for “Power saver mode”. It’s free. Install it. Restart your springboard.

Now head over to Settings>Battery. Here you can notice the first toggle “power saving mode”.


Below that you can notice some of the options that can be toggled on for saving more juice.

Power saving options

When you enable this feature, it turns off some battery intensive features of you iPhone like auto brightness, background app refresh, location services, and reduce motion. Another great feature is that the mode will be automatically deactivated when device is connected to a power source.

You can turn off the same “Power saving mode” by going to Settings>Battery and toggling the option off.

If you want to remove this tweak, just head over to Cydia > Installed. Then go to the tweak, click on “Modify”, and hit the remove button.

Remove tweak


Although it’s not a perfect substitute for iOS9 “Low power mode”, it saves a lot of battery if you are running on older versions of iOS.


How to get Low Power Mode of iOS 9 on iOS 8
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