How to get Peek and Pop Feature on Older iPhones Running iOS 9?


The new feature in iPhone 6s is peek and pop. meaning, you can peek into the app, messages, look into it and then pop (open) it. It lets you be productive by taking a look inside the content fast. Actually, in 6s and 6s plus, this feature is made possible with, force touch support, by measuring the pressure at which you touch the screen.

For example in the messages app, you can peek the message and reply, forward or delete from there itself by swiping up. How cool is that?

This feature by default is not supported by older iPhones like 6, 5s, 5, and 4s running on iOS 9. Hopefully, there’s a great Cydia tweak that jailbroken devices may use to get the all new peek and pop feature on their iPhones.

How to get peek and pop on iOS 9?

For this, you need to have jailbroken iPhone device.

Now you need to launch the Cydia app. Now go to sources, click edit, and add as a source.Add repo Creatix

It would take some seconds to add new packages the refresh the repo. Once it is added return back to Cydia main screen.

Now click on the search button and search for the tweak, ‘Peek-a-boo’.

Peek a boo


As you’ve not installed the tweak, you have the install button on the top right corner. Click install. It takes several seconds, and Cydia asks you to ‘restart springboard’.

After the device is restarted, the tweak will be applied.

Peek video

Slo-mo video plays when peeked


When and click and hold on a photo or image, just swipe a little down, it will be popped, then you need to swipe it up, to view the additional quick peek actions. Here they are share, favorite, delete.

Messages peek

You can also do the same action for messages on your iPhone. It will offer quick reply texts like ok, thanks and custom texts.

You can also do take a peek inside the tweak in Cydia. Just click on the search button in Cydia, type a tweak. Within the suggestions, peek into a tweak.

Cydia peek and pop

If the Cydia tweak is not installed, it will offer you to install the tweak. If you peek on already installed the tweak, it will offer you to remove it.

There are plenty of options to configure, in the settings.

Peek a boo configuration

You can enable or disable the tweak. You can adjust the sensitivity of the peek and pop. You can also enable or disable the haptic feedback.

This is probably the best tweak available to get peek and pop feature on older iPhone devices.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

How to get Peek and Pop Feature on Older iPhones Running iOS 9?
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