How to get WhatsApp Quick Reply Feature for iOS?

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If you are using iOS 8 or 9, you may have come across the quick reply feature for the stock iOS messaging app. Whenever you receive a new SMS, you swipe it down, you have the option to reply to the message quickly within the notification.

However, many of the iPhone users are willing to have the same feature for WhatsApp also. They want WhatsApp quick reply feature.

WhatsApp is yet to release the quick reply feature for iOS 9.1. But hopefully, for older versions, as expected, Cydia developers have released a tweak that enables you to add the quick reply to WhatsApp and other favorite messaging apps.

In this post, I’m gonna explain you how to add this feature to WhatsApp.

How to add  Quick Reply Feature to WhatsApp?

For this, you need to jailbreak and install Cydia on your iOS device. I’ve already got a tutorial along with a video for this.

Once you installed Cydia on your device, launch the app. There you have BigBoss repo as one of your default repos.

Just click on the search button and type “WAQuickReply”. Now you’ll come across the tweak called “WAQuickReply Enabler”. Now hit the install button.

WA Quick Reply Enabler

Details: This tweak adds native quick reply feature to WhatsApp. It has got no settings to configure. It works out of the pack once you install it.

The result:

Quick reply WhatsApp

You can reply to the WhatsApp messages by swiping down the WhatsApp notification

This tweak adds iOS 9.1 quick reply feature to other iOS 9 versions.

There are several tweaks for adding the quick reply to WhatsApp like Nuntius, Hermes, and Couria (Repo:

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It’s a great feature to have. It just helps you in quickly replying to WhatsApp messages while browsing the web, watching movies or playing games.

How to get WhatsApp Quick Reply Feature for iOS?
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