How to Clear all Notifications for Once in iPhone?

Clear notifications iOS in one click

One drawback of iOS is the notification center management. In order to access notification center, you need a swipe from the top and a click on the button. In addition to that, along with the installations of multiple apps, the  notifications you receive also increases. As days roll on, the notification center will be cluttered and annoying. By default, there’s no option to clear all the notifications once.

In this post, I will explain you how to clear all the notifications with a single action on all iOS devices. This tweak need you to jailbreak and install Cydia app on your iPhone device.

Installing and using

For this, you need to install an app called “PullBulletin” from Cydia BigBoss repo.

  • Just search for the tweak – “PullBulletin”.
  • Now just install the tweak.

PullBulletIn Cydia tweak

  • After installing the tweak, Cydia app will ask you to restart the springboard or respring your device.
  • After your iPhone restarts, your device is tweaked.
  • Swipe down the screen and head over to the notification center.
  • There again swipe down the list of notifications.
  • With the swipe, all the notifications will be cleared.

Clear all notifications

This tweak does not need any initial setup to work. It also does not have any settings to configure.

It’s just a good small tweak to declutter your notification bar. I found this tweak very helpful. I wondered why Apple didn’t include this as the default feature.

This tweak is free.

There are several other tweaks like “Notification Killer”. But I found “PullBulletIn” more convenient to use on daily basis.

How to Clear all Notifications for Once in iPhone?
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