How to Delete Photos Permanently from iPhone with One-Click?


Did you delete any photos on your iPhone? Check them out. The chances are there they may still exist.

As an iPhone user, you could have noticed that when you delete any photos on your device, the photos are not fully deleted. They will be listed under recently deleted photos on your iPhone.

When I owned a new iPhone, I was forced to free some space. I decided to remove all the unnecessary photos on my iPhone. But no matter how many photos I delete, the space was not freeing. Later I came across that the deleted photos were not actually deleted. Instead, they were listed under recently deleted section.

Recently deleted section

Now, I have to go again to this section and delete all the recently deleted photos.

How to avoid this?

This is by adding “delete permanently” button to the photos app. This is a quite simple task if you have jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed.

How to add a button to permanently delete photos?

Head over to the Cydia app. There search for a tweak named “DeleteForever”. This tweak is from BigBoss repo. So you need not add any repo/source to your Cydia app.

Tweak name

Now install the tweak. Respring your device.

After the iPhone is booted up, open the “Photos” app. There you have the button “permanently delete” button along with the regular “delete” button.

Permanently delete button

So when you click on the newly added “permanently delete” button, your photos will be permanently deleted. It will no longer be moved to the ‘recently deleted” section.

Permanently delete multiple photos

You can also select multiple photos and permanently delete them.

This tweak along with the photo size tweak, comes handy in freeing up the space on your iPhone by deleting useless photos and videos.

Hope this tutorial on deleting iPhone photos permanently helped you.

How to Delete Photos Permanently from iPhone with One-Click?
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