How to get iOS 9.3 Emojis on iOS 9.0.2

New emojis

iOS 9.3 comes with some of the additional features. The support for more emojis is the best among them. But this version can’t be jailbreaked fully at this point of time.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy the new emojis of iOS 9.3 on your older iOS 9.0.2. Thanks for the developers who put their efforts to try out the new fonts of iOS on older versions.

The new emojis that are introduced in iOS 9.3. Examples of newly arrived emojis are tacos, squirrels, crabs, middle finger, unicorn and many more.

Some of the above emojis were previously introduced in WhatsApp for Android. Now in the latest iOS versions.

How to get new iOS 9.3 emojis?

This process consists of 4 steps.

I will walk you through the processes to finally get the new emojis on your older iOS 9 version.

1. Bytafont 2

First off you need to install BytaFont from the Cydia.

This Cydia app is available in ModMyi repo –

In case you haven’t, you need to add this repo to your sources.

Modmyi repo

Once you have added the repo, just search for “Bytafont 2” in your Cydia app.

BytaFont 2

Install it. Then return to Cydia.


2. Install Emoji iOS 9.3 Backup (D)

This emoji package is also available in the ModMyi repo, that you’ve added earlier.

Emoji pack

This contains all the necessary emojis added with the new iOS 9.3 emojis.

Just download and let it install.

This emojis in this package works with BytaFont. Meaning, that the emojis act like that of regular fonts. You can delete them, copy and paste them. They are nothing but fonts in the eyes of BytaFont.

3. Emoji9 Beta

Now add a repo or to your Cydia app.

Poomsmart repo

Wait for the repo to be added.

Once the repo is added, search for the tweak, Emoji9 beta.


Click install. Wait for the installation and restart the springboard or respring your device.

Install the tweak. This enables the BytaFont 2 app to use the font package you download earlier.

4. Activate the 9.3 emojis

Once you completed all these steps, just launch the BytaFont 2 app.

BytaFont swap mode

There just go to swap mode, and then and under emojis, the package you downloaded should be located click on it. Respring your device. Now you’ve got the new emojis of 9.3 on your iOS 9 device.

Respring your device. Now you’ve got the new emojis of 9.3 on your iOS 9 device.

Just launch the message app, and you can notice the new iOS 9.3 emoji pack installed to your keyboard.

That’s all guys. Hope you found this tutorial useful.

How to get iOS 9.3 Emojis on iOS 9.0.2
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