How to Upgrade or Downgrade to iOS 9.0.2?

iOS 9.0.2

Before starting this post, I would like to mention that the latest version of iOS i.e 9.1 is not jail-breakable. PanGu developers yet have not released tool for jailbreaking devices running on iOS 9.1.

The only iOS 9 version that ‘s jail breakable is iOS 9.0.2.

This tutorial is useful for you if,

  • You are on iOS 8 and want iOS 9 and jailbreak it.
  • You are accidentally on iOS 9.1, want to downgrade to iOS 9.0.2 for jailbreaking purpose.

To determine the version of iOS you are having on your device, head over to “About phone” section.


  1. Apple device that supports iOS 9.
  2. USB cable for your device.
  3. PC/Mac with latest iTunes software installed.


The process of installing iOS 9.0.2 does not involve OTA update. It’s not possible via OTA.

For this process, you need to download the IPSW file that is signed by Apple. Download the IPSW file associated with your device.

iOS 9.0.2 IPSW files download page

Once you download the IPSW file associated with your device, it’s time to install it on your device.

Before installing the downloaded file, I’ll advise taking a backup of your device with the help of iTunes or iCloud. In the case of data loss, it will be helpful.

Open the iTunes software on your PC/Mac. Then connect your device via USB. After connecting your device, your device will appear in the iTunes.

Update or restore iTunes

There under summary, your current iOS version will be visible.

If you are running on iOS 8, you need to select update option. If you are on iOS 9.1, then select restore button. That’s simple.

While clicking on update/restore buttons, press and hold the shift key (option on Mac). By this, iTunes ask you to locate the IPSW file for your device.

Browse for the IPSW file

Click open. Then proceed by clicking that you need to update/restore the device.

After that wait for some time to let iTunes process the file and apply the update. In the meantime, you can notice the progress of the installation on your device’s display.

Do not unplug your device from the PC until the process is complete.

One the upgradation or restoration is complete, you are now all set with iOS 9.0.2. Device will reboot and say you Holla!! Now follow the on-screen instructions to setup your device.

You may now make use of iTunes or iCloud to sync back the data to your device if it’s lost.

Below is my video of my iPhone updating to iOS 9.0.2. Make sure you watch it so that you won’t get stuck anywhere in the process.



How to Upgrade or Downgrade to iOS 9.0.2?
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