Install AppSync Unified on iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad


The majority of the jailbroken iPhone/iPad users have AppSync Unified Cydia tweak installed on their device.

If you need to install iOS apps by downloading IPA files, you need to have AppSync Unified on your device. If you are willing to install apps on your device that are not on official App Store, you need to have AppSync.

The official apps have the signature of the developers of Apple App Store. Whereas, for 3rd party apps and IPA files, there’ll be no official signature. So, your iOS device refuses to install the app. Although in previous versions of iOS, you could trust the unknown developer under setting > profiles, in recent versions of iOS 9 downloading 3rd party apps without Cydia and AppSync installed is impossible.

In this post, I will explain you how to download and install AppSync Unified tweak on your jailbroken device, and before that how to add supported repo for your Cydia app.

At first, you need to jailbreak your device.

How to install AppSync on iOS 9?

Once you jailbreak your device, the Cydia app will be installed automatically on your iPhone/iPad.

Before installing AppSync Unified on your device, first, you need to add a repo to your Cydia app.

For this, open the Cydia app.

There you need to head over to the “sources” section. There click on edit, and then add a repo to your Cydia app.

Add AppSync repo to Cydia

Add the repo URL –

Once the repo is added and all the sources are refreshed, you need to just return to the Cydia app.

Now just search for “AppSync Unified” tweak in your Cydia App.

AppSync Unified Tweak

Now install the tweak on your device. Now you need to restart the springboard or just reboot your device. Now the tweak is successfully installed on your device.

Now you have the liberty to download and install any 3rd party IPA file apps on your iPhone/iPad. You can also download cracked or free apps on your device.

Install AppSync Unified on iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad
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