How to Install NewGamePad Emulator for iOS 9 without Jailbreak?


If you are struggling to install emulators like GBA4iOS and NDS4iOS on your iOS device, NewGamePad emulator may be a perfect fit for you. In this post I’ll help you download and install NewGamePad emulator on your iPhone, iPad or iPod device. NewGamePad is currently a good classic game emulator to play various classic games such as Sega Genesis, GB, GBC, N64, and others.

The good news is that you can install NewGamePad emulator, without jailbreaking your device. This will be a plus point for you if you fear jailbreaking your device and prefer to keep your device not jailbroken.

How to install NewGamePad emulator?

It is very easy to install NewGamePad on your device, because you need not to worry about jailbreaking your device. During the installation of the app, make sure you won’t interrupt the process, so that app will be rendered unusable and you need to delete it.

Here’s the procedure for you to install NewGamePad emulator for iOS 9:

  • Open up Safari Browser.
  • Go to the URL –

Install NewGamePad

  • Now download the emulator
  • When you come back to the homescreen of your iOD device, you can see the progress of the downlod nad install of NewGamePad emulator.

Wait for the installation to be completed. Once the installation is complete, open the emulator.

If the emulator won’t open here’s a quick fix.

Go to Settings > General > Profiles > There Trust the app developer. By this, it allows the iOS to see the NewGamePad emulator developer as a trusted one and allow you to open and use the app.

NewGamePad Opening

After opening the app, you can install Game ROMs of your choice and play the games within the app.


How to Install NewGamePad Emulator for iOS 9 without Jailbreak?
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