How to Lock iOS Apps with TouchID Fingerprint?


There are no short of app locker Cydia apps for jailbroken iOS device. However, locking the apps using your fingerprint and touchID is a unique way to lock apps.

In this post, I’m gonna show you the way to lock your iPhone apps with TouchID. This tutorial is only applicable to TouchID enabled devices like iPhone 5s and above. For this, you need your device to be jailbroken.

How to lock apps with TouchID?

For this, you need to install a Cydia app called “BioProtect”. This helps you to protect the apps with your fingerprint. The fingerprint you have registered for unlocking your device can be used for unlocking apps.

This app is available in Limneos repo. For this first you need to add the repo to your Cydia app.

Head over to the sources section of your Cydia app and then click on edit at the top right corner of the Cydia app. Now click on the add button.

Add source

Here enter the URL – “” and add it to your source.

Add repo

Wait for the Cydia app to complete the process. Once it is added, return to the Cydia app.

Search for “BioProtect” in the search bar.

Bioprotect in Cydia

This app costs you $2.99.

Install it.

Now restart your springboard or respring your device.

Once the device is booted, the new app will be installed.

BioProtect under settings

You can access the settings of the app, under settings.

BioProtect configurations

There are various settings like – enable or disable the tweak, vibrate on error, trusted wifi networks, passcode options, touch ID circle color, protect applications, folders, settings, caller ID protection, power off protection, SIM unlock protection, Siri access protection, icon arrangement protection, Photolibrary protection, and so on.

Circle color

You can also hide the text that says BioProtect when prompting the fingerprint.

For protecting apps, you just need to tick your sensitive applications.

Lock applications

When you try to open the protected app, you are asked to give your fingerprint to unlock the app.


There are also many apps like LockDown, and others on Cydia but all are paid.





How to Lock iOS Apps with TouchID Fingerprint?
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