8 Must Have Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9

Must have Cydia tweaks

If you’ve updated your iOS device to iOS 9, there are some of the good Cydia Tweaks for your device. In this post, I’m gonna present you some fo the must have Cydia tweaks for iOS 9 devices.

These Cydia Tweaks help you to make the most of the iOS devices. They are especially helpful for you to install in iPhone. They resolve some of the most common annoyances of iOS.

Personally, I’ve installed all these Cydia tweaks on my iPhone. And is greatly benefited by them.

The tweaks that I’m gonna mention are all tested on iOS 9 and previous versions of iOS. I will list tweaks along with the repos in which you can install them.

Let’s get started.


Repo: BigBoss

One of the greatest drawbacks of iPhone is that it has no inbuilt feature to display the size of the photos and videos.

This Cydia tweak displays the size of the selected photos and videos. This feature will be greatly helpful when you are sending photos or video via WhatsApp, or mailing it.

When you head over to the photos app, just select the photos and videos, the tweak displays the size of the selected media files at the top of your screen.


Repo: BigBoss

Adds different reboot and power off options to the power off menu, when you touch and hold the power button of your device.

The available options are power off, reboot, respring and safe mode.

By default, iOS comes with only one option to power off the device. This tweak will be a great tweak if you want to customize your power off screen.



Repo: http://repo.ioscreatix.com

When you delete your photos or videos on iPhone, they will still be there under recently deleted album of your photos app. You next need to head over to the recently deleted album and delete the photos manually to permanently delete them.

There is no button for to permanently delete the photos/videos out of your device.

This tweak adds a ‘delete permanently’ button your photos.

This makes your process of freeing space on your device more easier.



Repo – BigBoss

This is one of the best lockscreen Cydia tweaks for your iOS device.

This replaces the “slide to unlock” text on your lockscreen with the fingerprint animation. This makes your lock screen look great.

There are various customization options for the tweak.



Repo: BigBoss

By default, iOS don’t let you pause the video recording when you are recording.

This tweak adds a pause button to your camera app so that you can pause the video recording and resume the recording when you wish.

The pause button is moveable anywhere on the screen.

GrabberApp 8

Repo: BigBoss

By default on the lockscreen, you only have the option to access camera app, by sliding up. The default grabber app is on the right bottom of the screen.

However, you can add another grabber app to the left bottom of your lockscreen with the help of this tweak.

Along with it, you also can edit the app that appears on the right bottom of the lockscreen. You can access the apps quickly from the lockscreen itself.


Repo: BigBoss

This tweak is the best tweak that offers a variety of customizations to your lockscreen, date, time and also the status bar.

Here are the features.

  • Customize the carrier text
  • Time format.
  • Time font size.
  • Date font size.
  • Date size.
  • Date/time color.
  • Customize the slide to unlock text.
  • Customize ‘slide to answer’ text while incoming call.

You just need to apply the settings and respring your device for the tweak to save changes.

Instead of installing separate apps for carrier text modification, lockscreen text modification, you just need to install this tweak as it comes with a variety of features and options.



Repo: BigBoss

Unlike Android, in iOS, there’s no option for you kill all notifications at once.

Thanks to PullBulletIn.

This tweak enables you to kill all the notifications that are piled up at notification tab of your status bar with one swipe down.


You can see the tweak in action, by seeing the above screenshot.

Bonus: Virtual Home

Repo: BigBoss

This tweak enables you to use your TouchID sensor as a home button. By this, you can prevent the pressing of the home button repeatedly as a home button, and thus increase the durability of your button.

Most of the users use Assistive touch to increases the lifespan of their home button. But with virtual home, it’s simple. Just touch the button to go to the home.

Virtual home

You need to touch and hold the home button or double tap to open multitasker.

Final words

These are some of the best free small tweaks that I’ve installed on my device, to fix the frequent annoyances on my iPhone running on iOS 9.

Hope you found the post helpful.

8 Must Have Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9
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