Download and Install Pokemon for iPhone Without Jailbreak (Trick)

Pokemon for iPhone

Ever since Pokémon was released by Nintendo in 1996, it has become a hit. People are going crazy about the game, and the game is highly addictive.

However, in the age of smartphones, it has become easier than ever to play the Pokémon game on your iPhone or Android.

In this post, I’ll present you a trick to install Pokémon for iPhone and other iOS devices like iPad. This trick works no matter what iOS version are you running. It works great on all the iOS versions like iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2, iOS 9.4, even iOS 10 and devices like iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and even the most recent iPhone 7 that too without jailbreak. There are various versions of Pokémon like Pokémon Red, Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, and the most recent Pokémon Go.

Let’s get right into the process.

Install and Play Pokémon for iOS without Jailbreak

Many people think that for installing Pokémon games on their iPhone or iPad they need to have a jailbroken device. However, I’m gonna unveil you a dirty little trick to install and play Pokémon games even if your iOS devices is not jailbroken.

Before that, you need to first decide, what version of Pokémon game you want to install. If you wish to play classic versions of the game, you need to install GBA4iOS emulator for your device. However, if you are looking for Nintendo versions of the game install NDS4iOS emulator on your iPhone device.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • As I’ve said earlier, install GBA4iOS or NDS4iOS emulator for the game to be downloaded and installed.
  • After downloading any of the emulators from the site, if the app fails to open. Here is the thing, you need to do. – iEmulator
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Profile and trust the developer of the emulator whether it be GBA4iOS or NDS4iOS.
  • Another thing you need to do is just set the date of your iPhone to like a year before the current date. This will trick your iPhone to open the emulator you’ve downloaded for playing Pokémon on your iPhone.
  • One you open the emulator your choice, there’ll be a search bar to search the ROM downloads of your desired game.
  • Just search for the game Pokémon by typing it in the search bar. Download the ROM of the game, and install it. You can now play Pokémon for iPhone without any trouble.

Now you’ll be able to play the classic Pokémon game on your device. If you wish to play the more popular and lively Pokémon Go, that is an augmented reality game, just head over to App Store and download Pokémon Go app. However, in some countries, the app has been banned. Be ready not to be disheartened.

I hope you found this tutorial on downloading and installing Pokémon for iPhone and other iOS devices helpful. Thank you.

Download and Install Pokemon for iPhone Without Jailbreak (Trick)
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