How to Prevent Bricking of your iPhone with Date Bug

 Date Bug

It’s a recently discovered bug, that put all the iPhones and iPads running on iOS8 and iOS 9 at risk. That’s the date bug.

Basically, under the settings, if you set the date of your device to 1st January 1970 and reboot your device, your device will be permanently bricked and you need to replace your device. There’s no fix. But please don’t try it. You’ll regret.

This thing happens only 5s or later devices running on 64-bit architecture using A7 or later processors. Buy anyway don’t try to test it out.

The real risk here is, if you hand your device to any of your geeky friend he may set the date to 1st Jan 1970. Then when you reboot your device, you’ll lose your device. The device get stuck in the screen of Apple logo forever.

After this brick happens, you’ll not be even able to boot into DFU mode.

To prevent this from happening to your device hopefully, some folks have released a tweak that makes your device impossible to set to the danger date.

How prevent the date bug bricking your device?

For this, first your device needed to be jailbroken, or else the kernel level tweak that I’m going to introduce will not going to work on your device. So you need to jailbreak and should have Cydia on your device.

Now you need to head over the Cydia app.

Now under sources, you need to add a repo.Add repo

The repo address is hhtp://

The ‘O’ is zero in the address.

After you added the repo, just return and explore the repo.

Tweaks from Ziph0n


Here the tweak you want to the second one. Bricking date.

Just install the tweak.

Bricking date


What this tweak does is that it prevents you or your friend from manually setting the device date to 1st Jan 1970.

Now you need to handle your device to your friends, peacefully. Because your device is now date-bug-proof. You don’t have to panic about losing your device due to this nasty bug.

How to Prevent Bricking of your iPhone with Date Bug
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