5 Must Have Quick Actions Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9

Quick actions iOS 9

Quick actions is one of the best features of iPhone 6s. It’s the flagship feature. But however, you can get the same functionality on your other older iPhone devices, with the help of Cydia tweaks.

Although the older iPhones do not have touch pressure sensitivity support, it does support 3D touch functionality by touching and holding the screen.

Here are the tweaks that enable quick actions and also enhances it by adding more functionalities.



This tweak is available for free of cost in BigBoss repo. This tweak is especially made for iOS 9 devices. It lets you import the original 3D touch function from newer devices to old devices.

Quick actions for Camera

You just need to touch and hold the icon, now the quick actions menu will appear. You need to just drag your finger to select the option.

 Revealmenu options



In the settings menu, there are options to adjust the press duration, peek and pop sensitivity, enabling haptic feedback, vibration duration, strength, and much more.

You need to respring your device to apply the changes you make in settings of the tweak.

There is a similar tweak called Forcy. But for me, it’s bit sluggish while swiping the apps screen.



This tweak adds quick actions to Cydia app. By default, if you click and hold the Cydia app icon, no quick actions are available. This tweak adds them.

Additionally, it adds the peek and pop functionality for the Cydia app.

There are no options to configure in the settings menu. It’s just a tweak. Install it and it should be working.


 Shortcuts tweak

This tweak adds quick actions to the apps, that Apple forgot to add. For example Settings app, Cydia app, weather app, etc.

It adds quick actions like SafeMode, shutdown, respring, reboot to the settings app.

This is a paid tweak from CP Digital Darkroom. Before installing the tweak, you need to first add the repo https://repo.cpdigtaldarkroom.com to your sources.

Then search for the tweak ‘shortcuts’.

If you are too fascinate about the quick actions, this tweak is surely a way to go.


Appendix tweak

In iPhone most of the times you group the apps in a folder. To launch those apps you need to open the folder and then launch the apps.

This tweak adds 3D touch quick actions to the folders containing the apps.

This is a free tweak from BigBossrepo. This app is only compatible with 6s and 6s plus which supports 3D touch inbuilt functionality as of now.




This tweak allows you to add quick actions for copy last result to the stock Calculator app. This feature was introduced in iOS 9.3. Users running on previous versions of iOS 9 can be benefited by this tweak.


There are no options to configure the tweak. This tweak is available free at BigBoss repo.

These are some of the awesome Cydia tweaks for adding and enhancing the quick actions in iOS 9. If you have any suggestions, please do comment.

5 Must Have Quick Actions Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9
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