How to Turn Off WhatsApp Messages Preview on iPhone?

Disable WhatsApp Preview

If you’re using WhatsApp on your iPhone, you may have noticed that when you got a new message, the message will be shown as a preview on your lockscreen, although your iPhone is locked. When you keep your iPhone on table others can easily peek the messages. Or they at least, can get to know that you received a WhatsApp message.

That’s annoying.

I will help you to get rid of this feature that WhatsApp enables by default.

In this post, I’ll explain you, how to get rid of previews and notifications of WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

How to disable WhatsApp preview?

Open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone.

There head over to the settings section of your WhatsApp app. It will be there at the bottom left corner of your App. Once you open settings,

WhatsApp Settings


There head over to Notifications section.

WhatsApp preview

Now here, turn off the toggle “Show Preview”. Now you can exit the app.

From here on, whenever a new message or group message comes to WhatsApp, the notification will not show up.

With this way, you can protect the privacy of yours.

When new WhatsApp messages arrive, you will get notification tone and also the notification in the notification center. But the live preview of the message on the lock screen will be disabled until you set the toggle on again in settings.

If you don’t want to the notifications also, then disable the “Show notifications” for both the personal messages and group messages”.

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This is one of the must do things, once you install WhatsApp on your device.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

How to Turn Off WhatsApp Messages Preview on iPhone?
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