Unlock the Hidden Battery Usage Details on iOS 8 and 9

UnlockWhenever the battery is draining rapidly on your iOS device, the first thing you do is you head over to battery usage section. There you notice that most of your battery is drained is while in standby mode, phone signal and display. You will hardly get to know the exact reason why your battery life is less.

Before tweaking your device for high battery life, the first thing you gotta know is exactly why your battery life is less. For this, the default usage details that the iOS gives you is not enough.

So, in this post I’ll present you a tweak called “DetailedBatteryUsage”. This tweak enables you to unlock the hidden battery usage section on your iOS device.

How to install and use the tweak?

This tweak is available freely on BigBoss repo. This tweak is also compatible with iOS 9.

For installing this just open Cydia app. Search for “DetailedBatteryUsage”. Then hit on the install button on the top right corner of the screen.

DetailedBatteryusage tweak install

After installing the tweak, Cydia will ask you to restart the SpringBoard. Do that.

Now go to Settings>Battery. Here as you scroll down, you can notice the new option, ¬†show daemons. It’s asking you to show the battery usage details of the background processes on your iOS device.

Default battery usage

Now click on it.

Now other daemon processes like backboardd, mediaserverd-Audio and other background processes that are draining your battery will be shown.

Hidden battery usage details

With this, you can easily spot down the process that is draining most of your battery.

As soon as you spot down the process, just Google it like “{process name} battery drain”. You’ll come across some forums where people discuss the battery drain due to the particular daemon process.

This is how you unlock the hidden battery stats on iOS 8 and 9.


Unlock the Hidden Battery Usage Details on iOS 8 and 9
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